Change your posture, change your mood

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Posture is vital.  It’s not just that poor posture makes us look old – I’ve seen people who have spent a fortune on cosmetic surgery to look younger, seemingly unaware that their collapsed chest and rounded shoulders give the game away.

If our joints are properly aligned we have full range of movement and are less likely to suffer injury, we can draw a full breath and our digestive system works efficiently.  Posture is critical to the functioning of our internal organs.

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Did you also know that we can change our mood simply by changing our posture?   

Typically someone lacking in confidence folds up as small as possible to be inconspicuous whereas someone bursting with confidence stands tall and makes expansive gestures.  The difference is immediately apparent in their body language.

Yes, you can fake it till you make it.  Truly.

Research has shown that physically adopting a power stance sets off a physiological response that releases hormones consistent with that power pose and we actually start to feel more powerful and confident.

When you are feeling down, force yourself to smile by holding a pencil between your teeth for two minutes and feel the difference.

Yamuna Body Rolling is an ideal tool to preserve your posture.  Come to class and feel the difference.


  1. Hitting it out of the park again Christine. I was told once that if there was a phone call that was challenging, perhaps a huge negotiation, to stand with your hands on your hips for a few minutes prior to making the call. Apparently it increases testosterone levels. I’ve always found it helpful to stand tall at my desk when making those calls. It really does help to correct posture as I try to be mindful as I sit at my computer most of the day. Make it a great day…

    • Connie let me suggest you not only stand but actually walk around your office making expansive gestures during those calls…. Judge Frank Szymanski

  2. Exactly Connie – adopting a power stance increases testosterone and lowers cortisol, the stress response hormone. We really can take the fear out of a situation, or at least give ourselves a better chance to deal with that fear. We really can fake it till we make it. Not to say that adopting an aggressive power pose is acceptable in every social situation, however the beauty is that we can practise the power pose before going into that social situation in order to feel more confident.

  3. Exactly…. I love the cortisol part a this as well. More information is a good thing… 🙂

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