Can you see what you want?

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Visualisation is a powerful tool you can use to achieve the results you want.  Picture exactly what you want to achieve and hold that picture in your head.  It’s vital to engage all of your senses as well as your emotions.  The feeling to introduce into your picture is the feeling of actually having what you desire to have.  Give life to your vision.  Where exactly are you? What are you doing? What can you hear, see, smell?  When you reach out to touch, what sensations can you feel at your fingertips?  Can you taste anything?  Feel it in your body.

beach-84533_150Maybe you’d love a holiday in the Caribbean.  Imagine yourself lying in a beach chair with the sun beating down on you.  How does that feel on your skin, do you need to move to the shade?  You are holding a cold drink in your hand.  What does the glass feel like, the coolness, and the shape of the glass?  Really use your imagination to bring the scenario to life.  What are you hearing close to you?  What can you hear in the distance?  What emotions are you feeling?  Do you feel relaxed and at peace?  Are you excited and ready to jump into the turquoise sea?  Really immerse yourself in the sensations.  Your wish may be a little more mundane – maybe you want something that’s broken or not working properly in your home to be fixed and working perfectly.  Imagine how that feels.  Imagine how you want it to look. Imagine how thrilled you are once it’s fixed.

A good trick when you are exercising is to visualise yourself doing something perfectly.  The mind is powerful.   Before long, your body will follow.  Many athletes use mental rehearsal to improve performance and to be prepared for different situations that may crop up.

Try it.  It costs nothing.  You have permission to daydream fully, gloriously and often.


  1. Visualization! Yes…I’m told in my industry to dream big, get clear, write it down, repeat it several times a day, make a Dream Board, Dream Big….but boy does it take work to allow my mind to go to those places. It’s like I have to lock myself in a closet to get away from all other distractions. I actually heard of a man who would put himself in a closet, close the door for 20 minutes a day to get focused on his goals/dreams/desires. Hummm, perhaps time to clear a space in the closet. Good stuff Christine…as always…thank you. xo

    • It’s definitely an art that takes practise! Not sure about the closet though………………….

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