Benefits of good posture

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giraffe-48393_1280Good posture is vital to your well-being. 

When you are properly aligned you feel comfortable in your body.

When you are out of alignment the ligaments and muscles struggle to hold you up to keep you functioning optimally.

That’s when you start to feel discomfort.  Backache, stiff neck, tight shoulders.

Poor posture causes restrictions – restrictions in lung capacity, vital organ function, pressure on the bladder, poor digestion and so on.     

Our posture says a lot about us.

It’s not just that poor posture makes us look old.  

I’ve seen people who have spent a fortune on cosmetic surgery to look younger, seemingly unaware that their collapsed chest and rounded shoulders give the game away.

Typically someone lacking in confidence folds up as small as possible to be inconspicuous whereas someone bursting with confidence stands tall and makes expansive gestures. 

You may feel confident but if your posture is bad, your body language is conveying a different message.

Yamuna Body Rolling is an ideal tool to regain and retain your posture and to get comfortable in your body.

Feel lighter and stand tall and proud.


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  2. As I was reading this I found myself slumped over my desk………….GOOD CORRECTION…. lol. Cheers

    • I’ve been doing the same thing all day – every time I’ve slumped over I’ve thought “Oh, gotta walk my talk!” then I’ve looked over my shoulder guiltily to see if anyone caught me!

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