Be real in 2015

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sylvester-569538_1280It’s the end of one year, the start of another year, typically a time of reflection and a time of new beginnings.

More than likely, over the festive season you may have overindulged to a greater or lesser degree and you may be gung-ho with New Year’s resolutions and wanting results.

A quick fix will not get you any further forward from where you are now.

In order to achieve those results you have to plan realistically, commit to changes and make them last.

Results require a lifestyle change and the change has to be sustainable.  Making sweeping changes you are not able to sustain will not set you up for success.

Remember, it took you a while to get where you are and it will take a while to get to where you want to be, much as you’d love to see dramatic results in two weeks.

That’s when most people give up.  They’ve made huge efforts to hit the gym, drastically changed their diet and then in return don’t see the results they were hoping for.  The changes they’ve made are not realistic and impossible to maintain as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Make choices and commitments.  Choose something that works for you, something you will enjoy and something you can easily work into your lifestyle.  Commit to doing it, one step at a time.  Don’t give up if you stray from your intention and put yourself first.

Energy is contagious – when you are happy and healthy, people around you feel better too.

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