Be a seasonal superhero

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superhero-534120_1280It’s so easy to get out of your regular fitness routine at this time of the year.  It’s cold, it’s dark.  The weather is bad.  There’s a party to go to.  There’s another party to go to.  You need to be a superhero to get through the season.

Keeping going is so much easier than stopping and starting again.  Think twice about stopping and instead make exercise a priority.  Keep the momentum going and as a result, you’ll feel better, physically, mentally and emotionally and you’ll gain energy to keep up with the extra demands of the holiday season.

As much as you can, keep to your exercise schedule.  If your regular classes aren’t running, go out for a walk – move your body.   And you won’t feel so guilty about the extra treats you’re consuming.  Guilt is draining.

By all means, have a few treats, don’t feel deprived.  As my grandmother used to say, a little of what you fancy does you good.  Make sure it’s just a little and that your “treats” are not your whole dietary intake!  Check in with yourself regularly as you are making the choice of what to eat and ask yourself “Is this the best choice for me right now?”

Think long term, think lifestyle choices.  Ask yourself where your choice is leading you.  Is it leading you to the lifestyle you want where you are healthy, fit and free of disease?  Or is your choice leading you to a future that is not so rosy.  Only you can decide.

It’s a special time of the year.  Relax and enjoy it, knowing you are making the best choices for you and your ultimate well-being.  Be a superhero and give yourself the gift of wellness.

If someone you know is complaining of feeling old and stiff, or has shoulder and neck pain give them a $39 Gift Certificate for a Yamuna Table Treatment, value $120.  You’ll look really generous and they’ll love you for it.  Give them the gift of wellness.  Be their superhero.





  1. I completely agree with your blog this morning Christine. It’s a battle to battle the commercial tsunami of Christmas when it starts in September/October. There was a time when I got totally caught up in it all and come January felt like a big blob. Christmas is ONE DAY, as someone put it to me a few years ago. Yes, I enjoy myself, I enjoy my treats, but ya don’t have to drink eggnog for an entire month !! Thanks for the reminder to keep moving and stay to a routine, which works in the long long run…

    • Well said Connie – treats aren’t treats any more when you have them every day!

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