Swollen ankles? Bloated?

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donna-sam-croppedThis week’s blog is taking the form of a huge recommendation.  Remember I am on my own journey to wellness and any wonderful discoveries I make, I share with you.

Stress causes lymph (waste products in the body) to stagnate and stagnant lymph stresses the body. 

Donna Sam is an expert in lymphatic detoxification massage.  She is competent, caring and knowledgeable and gets results fast.

After the first session, the swelling around my ankles lessened (which I didn’t even know I had, although the girl doing a pedicure for me a couple of weeks previously had mentioned my legs were swollen. Oh really?)

So now after 3 treatments, as well as seeing my ankle bones in all their glory, I now notice my boobs are not as puffy and heavy.  I feel lighter and my digestive system is functioning more efficiently.  All from moving stagnant lymph.

I highly recommend that you try Donna’s treatment for your overall health, to strengthen your immune system and lighten the stress on your body.  You’ll feel (and look) marvellous.   

She is offering a special low price at the moment so act now. (http://vandonnasam.wordpress.com/energy-healing-services/)



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