Are You a Lone Wolf or Team Player?

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035Teaching the Monday morning Wellness class at Pure Vibe this morning, it occurred to me that, especially as women, we get our best results through collaboration.  We can be competitive within that collaboration, however, it’s by working together we get the best results.  We come to the class as individuals, each with our own issues and challenges and with a common unifying goal – to get fitter and healthier.  By joining the class in the first place we’ve demonstrated our commitment to that goal which creates a common bond.

We can use that common bond to support and encourage each other in our goals – even if we don’t talk about what they are and no matter how different they are.  We each have to take responsibility for ourselves and we turn up to class because we’ve made that decision to do something to make our lives better.  Coming together in a group creates energy.  Group energy makes things happen.  Don’t be like the lone wolf (can you spot him?) in this photo taken by my talented friend Amanda Langford.

Always be aware that group energy will help carry you through class on those days you may be feeling under the weather.  Come to class and do what you can.  Surprise yourself by doing more.  Woody Allen said “Showing up is 80% of life”.  Show up and reap the benefits – guaranteed you’ll leave feeling better.

Remember the group needs you as much as you need the group.  Contribute to the group and to your own well-being by committing to a regular practice – 3 times a week will start to give you measurable results.  Join the Pure Vibe Fall challenge – there are individual prizes to be won as well as a team prize so anything and everything you do counts.  Most of all it counts for you.

I’m leading the Wellness team and this is your rallying call Ladies.  Go Team Wellness!  We’re in it together.

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